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RHS 0.4.1 Updates!

-RHS AFRF and RHS USAF Update 0.41s-

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Oh boy does Red Hammer Studios have a treat for us contractors! RHS AFRF and RHS USAF have recently updated to 0.41. The new mod update contains many new additions to the Russian and US Forces of Arma 3. Such as 160th Soar AH-6s/MH-6s, Guardians, R-77, M107, and yes much more! You can view find the changelog and update links down at the following links for more information about this exciting update!

RHS 0.41 Update Link

(DO NOT download from Playwithsix/Armaholic until 24 hours after release)

RHS USAF 0.41 Download Page:

RedHammerStudios Website


RHS AFRF 0.41 Download Page:

RedHammerStudios Website



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