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Friday Night Fight was an Op for us on Tanoa. Canadian was mission maker and didn't hold back. You could of called it a cross map campaign. We couldn't finish because of server problems.

Saturday we had a mini Op on Takistan. It was a convoy mission to a vehicle depot that we had to secure. We also had to steal four trucks.

Also on Saturday we had our first "Best Operator Competition" and the stakes were high. 20$ to everyone on the team that one and Chef's Team took the prize, only beating Bishop's team by 2 points.

Sunday we started a new campaign on Bystrica and it was a good kick off. 1st and 2nd group paired to take objectives, while 3rd and 4th took theirs. "Irish knocked out a Mi-6 out of the sky with his Littlebird and it was the coolest thing I saw that night." -signed everyone in Section 7!


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