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Large-Scale Victory in Operation: Green Demons!

This previous Sunday, Section-7 pushed into the topical island of Tanoa at 0400 local time and scored a massive victory against Russian Airborne forces. Ground units were successful in gaining control of the airfield on the Southeastern Island and with the help of aviation, they succeeded in destroying all Russian assets in and around Tonoa. Operation: Green Demons was massive for Section-7, as it outright stopped the Russian occupation and takeover of the Tonoan island chain.


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Arma 3 On Sale!

With the release of the Arma 3, 2.0 update, Arma 3 has gone on sale across steam. This includes all of the relevant DLC. If you wanted to pick up Arma for your friend or get some DLCs, do it now while

Large Arma 3 Update

Leading up to the main operation taking place this Sunday, there was a major update released to Arma 3 via Steam. It is several gigabytes large, do not forget to update your game beforehand.

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