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September 5, 2016

New Section 7 Aviation Group Promotion Video!

If you are interested or would like to know more information about Section 7 Aviation Group please contact SO1 Peterson and he will speak with you or send one of our classy aviators. Great progress in Section 7 lately! Let's keep killing shit till there's no more shit to kill! 

August 3, 2016

-Joint Operation Darbang Pass-

More information below *MODS REQUIRED*

August 6th. Section 7 will be taking part in an Joint Operation with OGC, 71st, Viking, and JTF2. The mission is to clear Insurgent Forces in the town of Kakaru, as well as Insurgent Forces in the "Darbang Pass". While clearing enemies in the area our mission as well is to search for any unknown or enemy caches. If any squads find caches our mission is to destroy them. For more information about the mission you can read below. Please note during operation Kakaru must be secured by friendly forces before moving into the Darbang...

May 19, 2016


-Joint Operation Whiskey Storm-

More information below


If you missed the operation last Sunday you might want to check out the rest of this article. May 15th, 2016 we ran a joint operation with Arma 3 group "Whiskey Storm Core" or "WSC". Our mission was to convoy through Corzel before each Arma 3 group S7 and WSC split up into two large sections and destroyed two radar stations. WSC had radar 1, S7 had radar 2. After seizing and destroying the radar positions our mission was to link back up with WSC and take out a hostile HVT. (High Valued Target). There was lots of enemy armor, air, and infan...

May 17, 2016

-RHS AFRF and RHS USAF Update 0.41s-

More information below


Oh boy does Red Hammer Studios have a treat for us contractors! RHS AFRF and RHS USAF have recently updated to 0.41. The new mod update contains many new additions to the Russian and US Forces of Arma 3. Such as 160th Soar AH-6s/MH-6s, Guardians, R-77, M107, and yes much more! You can view find the changelog and update links down at the following links for more information about this exciting update! 


RHS 0.41 Update Link

(DO NOT download from Playwithsix/Armaholic until 24 hours after release)


RHS USAF 0.41 Download Page:



April 6, 2016


-"ACE 3 Mod for Arma 3"-

More information below


Ready to grab a bandage for the long road ahead? Were not joking around. To introduce more realism and more opportunities Section 7 command has made the authorization of medical treatments, windy days, and of course more realism. Download the ACE 3 Mod for Arma 3. Section 7 will begin utilizing this mod this weekend (4/10/2016). 


ACE 3 Mod Links:



Steam Workshop



Bohemia Forums 

February 29, 2016

Sunday Operations "Weekly AR" 2/28/2016

More Information Below


In our Sunday Operations overall, S7 Teams did well. 1st Group, 2nd Group, and 3rd group commanded their team along with Sierra 1, killing along the enemy and succeeding in the objective! 


Operation 1:


In this operation, our mission was to find the enemy stronghold, east of the Abdera. If there was intelligence, our mission was to secure it, and for the caches, if there was any, our job was to destroy them. With this, we also had the objective to find a military office building. Sierra 1 with 1st Group as QRF, 2nd gro...

February 22, 2016


Sunday Operations "Weekly AR" 2/21/2016

More Information Below


In our Sunday Operations overall, S7 Teams did very well. 1st Group and 2nd Group commanded their team along with Sierra 1, killing along the enemy and succeeding in all objectives! 


Operation 1:


In this objective are mission was to insert via Huey (Sierra 1) north east on a road near "Ghost Hotel", we had to push into the town of "Ionnia", and blow up two gas tanks. Along with clear the town, which had a enemy held gas station, an two checkpoints covering the main road points which were facing east and west. During this opera...

February 19, 2016


-Download Community Upgrade Project "Terrains"-

More information below


Ready to grab a bottle of water for the hot deserts, or grab some MARPAT for the dense forests? Section 7 has recently announced that we will be shipping out of Bornholm, and will be gearing up in the Arma 2 Maps. Download these maps for future operations below. There is a total of two mods that you will need to download. Both Terrain mods can be found on Steam Workshop, PlayWithSix, GoogleDrive, MEGA, and Armaholic. If you have any questions or concerns please visit SO1 Peterson. Thank you, and we hope to see you kill shit...

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