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WAR! Section 7 with Their Backs Against the Wall

Great job everyone yesterday! It was amazing to watch everyone react so quickly to contact with it being within 200 meters from you. That operation showed just how well everyone is trained. I have to applaud PSO Psybain for the great Operation Order as well as the well created actual Operation Order. Next week, we bring the fight to them!

A clip from the news


Peace talks have broken down after a savage attack was made by the People's Army on the South Korean soil. The People's Army attack was on an airbase near the DMZ after they claimed that South Korean forces infiltrated them a few days prior. Information is scarce at this time, but there is information that this attack was made before diplomats arrived for a scheduled peace talk within the DMZ. The is no word on if they diplomats were attacked in transit.

The Armed Assault Network is also learning that a private military company by the name of Section 7 was stationed at the airbase. We will update this story when we have a statement from their director, Fisher, on what had occurred. Based off of our information, they were able to repel an attack that was 5 times their size until U.S. Army units could make their way to the airfield and relieve them.

Image by TO Sneaky Sniper

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