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Madness on Malden! (09/10/2023)

On the 10th, Section 7 paid another visit to the island of Malden!

With airlifted LMTVs and Humvees, the company landed in the northeast, where Spartan 1 was tasked with capturing and detonating an EMP to disable defenses at the airport, while Spartan 2 moved to secure VIPs and clear through the hard-fought towns of Larche and Saint Louis. Both platoons then converged on and seized the airport, successfully heisting an enemy experimental aircraft.

Gamemaster: SO Tocqueville

Media sourced from: OP hawkward (part 1 and part 2), TO Finta, and OP James

Caption: Spartan 2 preparing make the initial air assault

Caption: Spartan 2 securing the LZ

Caption: Spartan 2 approaching Larche

Caption: Spartan 2-2 Alpha locating the VIPs

Caption: Saber Actual escaping with the experimental jet

Caption: Dustoff 1 surveying the carnage

Caption: OPFOR air superiority fighter flies over Larche

Caption: Area of operations and objectives

Written, edited by OP hawkward


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