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Sahrani Sweep (12/10/2023)

We make a return to the quintessential terrain of Sahrani! This Sunday, Section 7 launched from the northeasternmost island with the mission of taking and destroying objectives all across the entire main landmass of North Sahrani.

Expeditionary forces of the Sahrani Liberation Army had been staging on the island in preparation of an invasion from the mainland. Section 7, however, was tasked with delaying these plans by locating and destroying critical military infrastructure, including ammunition depots, fuel and vehicle depots, and long range surface to air missile sites. Section 7 also had the secondary objective of capturing a senior officer of the SLA.

With MH60M special operations helicopters, the company made a series of air assaults and troop movements throughout the island.

Gamemasters: CSO Pitrucha, CSO Bandit

Media sourced by: OP hawkward, OP Toledo

Spartan 5 and Dustoff Actual return to base after the initial air assault by Spartan 1

Saber Actual providing CAS for Spartan 1 with an MH60M Direct Action Penetrator

SO Nightmare2119 and OP Zamolxis in an SBF position for Spartan 2-1

AO Map

Written, edited by OP hawkward

Videos from the game night

OP hawkward

PSO SekiGamer (HQ)

OP Toledo (HQ)

SOC Cas (Spartan 1)

OP Swiss (HQ)

"Passing Out"

"I'm a Transport"

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