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Zargabaddies 🥵 (01/21/2024)

For last Sunday, we prepared a very special main event for the company! In the militia-controlled city of Zargabad, Section 7 was tasked with securing and holding two helicopter crash sites and defending them against an onslaught of enemy forces - and while they weren't armed to the teeth, they more than made up for that with sheer numbers.

The two platoons landed together at the edge of the city, fighting their way to the crash sites in turn and securing them for Section 7 pilots to offload communications equipment onsite. With daylight burning, the company then made a daring air assault directly onto a militia-controlled base, resulting in a fight to the death by the survivors of the troop movement.

Gamemaster: CSO Pitrucha

Media sourced by: SOC Kaboom, SO John Brown, SO SJ529, OP Belis, OP Bucksey, Sunshine Films Inc.

Spartan 2 sets up a blocking position on a road

Section 7 prepares to enter the city

Saber Actual providing overwatch for Spartan 1

Spartan 1-1 taking a vantage point over a rooftop overlooking the block

The company lifts for the final objective

Written, edited by OP hawkward

Videos from the game night

OP hawkward (HQ)

OP Bucksey (Spartan 1)

SOC Bryce (Spartan 1)

SOC Cas (Spartan 1)

PSO Sekigamer (HQ)


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