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    • OPFOR:


        • Approx. 400 partisans in cells of varying size (up to manPADs and medium emplaced guns, technicals, civ vehicles, and old light and medium armor: BTR-40/50s and potentially a few T-34s)

        • 1x mech. company unknown strength (4x BTR-70s, 2x BMP-2s)

        • 1-2 RADAR sites directing light SAMs

      • Partisans are spread throughout Rosche in hidden camps and disguised among the civilian populace.

      • They have been destroying infrastructure, harassing our employer’s supply lines, and attacking targets of opportunity.

      • Hinder our employer’s ability to fight and resist the occupation.


    • AO:

      • DATE: May 5th, 2019

      • TIME: 0600 Local Time

      • WEATHER: Moderate overcast, drizzle, [WIND TBD]


      • KEY TERRAIN:




    • MISSION STATEMENT: Eliminate partisan presence in the south and protect allied convoys to prevent disruption to employer’s supply lines.

    • DESIRED ENDSTATE: No loss of allied supplies, partisan camps cleared (believed to be 3-5), and mech. Company destroyed.

    • IMPLIED TASKS: Avoid damage to supply line infrastructure, otherwise maximise partisan casualties regardless of collateral damage.

    • STORY:


Our employer, the Reich, has invaded the Republic. Initial war success has given way to the realization the Republic has been drawing them in with plans to cut their supply lines and envelop their army. Patriotic and hastily armed civilians alongside isolated regular army forces of up to company strength are spread throughout the occupied territory and are now placing massive strain on Imperial supply lines.


The scope of the resistance coupled with the failure of Imperial military police in the Rosche province have led the Reich to award Section 7 a contract to pacify the region. They have given us free reign to operate as we see fit so long as their supply convoys are unharassed.

DATE: 5/4/19

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