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    • OPFOR:


        • Approx. 400 partisans in cells of varying size (up to manPADs and medium emplaced guns, technicals, civ vehicles, and old light and medium armor: BTR-40/50s)

        • 1x mech. company half strength (~60 men, 3x BTR-70s, 1x BMP-2s)

        • At least 2 RADAR sites directing light SAMs (djigits) and AA guns (ZUs, potentially truck-mounted)

      • Partisans are spread throughout Rosche in hidden camps and disguised among the civilian populace.

      • They have been attacking all air traffic and, harassing our employer by attacking targets of opportunity.

      • They aim to hinder our employer’s ability to fight and resist the occupation.


    • AO:

      • DATE: May 12th, 2019

      • TIME: 1400 Local Time

      • WEATHER: Few clouds, no precipitation [WIND TBD]


      • KEY TERRAIN: MSR Red running from the southernmost bridge to its exit from the province near the SE corner (the convoy route of OPORD #1).




    • MISSION STATEMENT: Eliminate partisan AA capability and kill/capture key partisan leaders and civilian sympathisers.

    • DESIRED ENDSTATE: All RADAR sites destroyed, all ZUs destroyed, total or near total eradication of enemy AA capability by way of destruction of their AA ammo caches..

    • IMPLIED TASKS: Avoid damage to MSRs, otherwise maximise partisan casualties regardless of collateral damage, and detain suspected sympathisers.

    • STORY:

With the partial success of last week’s operation most Denovian supply convoys can now pass through MSR Red without loss of supplies, though they are still frequently harassed by small arms fire and IEDs. More pressingly, the direct and bloody S7 operation has lit a fire beneath the partisans. Our air power scared them specifically as it allowed us to locate their camps with relative ease, and they are now putting all of their effort into denying our air supremacy.


The increase in partisan AA activity directly threatens S7’s ability to fulfill our contract and has also been annoying our employer as their own aviation assets have encountered the odd AA fire transiting to or from the frontlines of the war. Thus, the destruction of the partisan AA capability is our primary aim as of now.

DATE: 5/12/19

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