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    • OPFOR:


        • Assorted partisans in cells of varying size (up to manPADs and medium emplaced guns, technicals, civ vehicles, and old light and medium armor: BTR-40/50s)

        • Mechanized Battalion at 90% strength (500 men, 20x BTR, 8x BMP-2, 3x ZSU, ~30 Vodniks and assorted utility vehicles. Possible self-propelled artillery, either mortar or BM-21 rocket artillery)

      • The enemy mechanized company is advancing rapidly on Rosche Province from the east.

      • They recently broke through the Denovian front line.

      • They aim to destroy Section 7 and secure all of Rosche east of the river before the Denovian army can respond.


    • AO:

      • DATE: May 12th, 2019

      • TIME: 1900 Local Time

      • WEATHER: Clear [WIND TBD]

      • BOUNDARIES: All of Rosche east of the river and west of Grid 19.

      • KEY TERRAIN: Highway 493 and Highway 191 starting from east of Rosche ending in a merge before the river.




    • MISSION STATEMENT: Delay or destroy the mechanized company to prevent enemy capture of Rosche.

    • DESIRED ENDSTATE: Mechanized battalion is destroyed or halted.

    • IMPLIED TASKS: Avoid damage to the river port and airport, do not allow Roke forces to remain in Rosche or advance beyond the river.

    • STORY:

Significant losses of allied supply convoys in the first operation and widespread surviving partisan cells in operations 1 and 2 have weakened the allied front sufficiently to allow a small breakthrough from enemy forces. An enemy mechanized battalion has pushed through the allied front and is racing towards Rosche with intent to capture or destroy key infrastructure before allied regular army forces can respond.


If the enemy mechanized battalion is not stopped a large section of the allied front will be at risk of encirclement which could jeopardize the entire war, and our payday.

DATE: 5/18/19

Operation Pictures

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