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From The Big Green Island To Hot Deserts

-Download Community Upgrade Project "Terrains"-

More information below

Ready to grab a bottle of water for the hot deserts, or grab some MARPAT for the dense forests? Section 7 has recently announced that we will be shipping out of Bornholm, and will be gearing up in the Arma 2 Maps. Download these maps for future operations below. There is a total of two mods that you will need to download. Both Terrain mods can be found on Steam Workshop, PlayWithSix, GoogleDrive, MEGA, and Armaholic. If you have any questions or concerns please visit SO1 Peterson. Thank you, and we hope to see you kill shit soon, Arma 2 Style.

CUP Terrains - Core - v1.0.1

CUP Terrains - Maps - v1.0.1

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