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Weekly AR [2/21/2016]

Sunday Operations "Weekly AR" 2/21/2016

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In our Sunday Operations overall, S7 Teams did very well. 1st Group and 2nd Group commanded their team along with Sierra 1, killing along the enemy and succeeding in all objectives!

Operation 1:

In this objective are mission was to insert via Huey (Sierra 1) north east on a road near "Ghost Hotel", we had to push into the town of "Ionnia", and blow up two gas tanks. Along with clear the town, which had a enemy held gas station, an two checkpoints covering the main road points which were facing east and west. During this operation 1st group and 2nd group were successfully inserted into the first LZ from Sierra 1. 1st and 2nd Group began to move into the town, with a large number of enemy’s, and static weapon fire placement from an UAZ and DSHK, most of the team resulted in failing, yet finding an alternative route to take out the enemy, the team was revived and they pushed hard through the enemy contacts. Misfit 6, called in several CAS Runs in the town on the DHSK Placement, and UAZ. The UAZ was taken out by Sierra 1 on a rocket run, with minigun support fire and the DHSK Placement was not destroyed by CAS, yet destroyed later on by 2nd Group. 2nd Group later grouped with 1st Group and pulled security around the area, while Sierra 1 did a sling load task, and brought an Ammo Crate to the Gas Station, later after that an offroad pulled up with 4-6 Enemy and took out a few team members, and damaged the tail rotor of Sierra 1's Aircraft, yet with the teamwork, the team managed to eventually blow up the two gas tanks, and extract everyone out of the area. Overall this mission went well, all the infantry teams communicated well, and pushed through, along with Sierra 1 having communication problems with 1st Group.

Operation 2:

In this objective are mission was to eliminate a few "Military Placements" in northern Altis. It was quite a heavily fortified enemy FOB, with an Radio Tower, and a few bunkers and sheds. 1st group was first inserted to the north via Huey (Sierra 1), and then later 2nd group was inserted. The two teams grouped up and moved slowly up the mountain and took out all enemy infantry. Sierra 1 spotted an enemy BTR (Armored Vehicle), moving down to the team near a dirt road, the BTR was quickly eliminated by Sierra 1. Both teams eventually made it up the hill and spotted yet another BTR and parked Helicopter. Sierra 1 came in again, and elimated the BTR and enemy helicopter. After that Sierra 1 took heavy small arms fire, and was forced to do an ESL (Emergency Stalled Landing), Sierra 1 armed up, and destroyed the helicopter. While Sierra 1 moved to cover, away from the wreck, 1st Group and 2nd Group cleared the military outpost and blew up the radio towers, with a small enemy QRF, they couldn't stop S7, and were eliminated quickly. Sierra 1 moved eventually to an three house complex in a field, 1 kilometer away from his wrecked bird. He was communicating through his small handheld radio, describing his location. He received contact from an small enemy squad and eliminated them quickly. Shortly after he marked his location with smoke, trying to give his location to 1st and 2nd Group, he was captured and later found in a forest 1 kilometer away, after he was rescued the team suited up and returned back to base, successfully completing the mission.

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