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Joint Operation Whiskey Storm

-Joint Operation Whiskey Storm-

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If you missed the operation last Sunday you might want to check out the rest of this article. May 15th, 2016 we ran a joint operation with Arma 3 group "Whiskey Storm Core" or "WSC". Our mission was to convoy through Corzel before each Arma 3 group S7 and WSC split up into two large sections and destroyed two radar stations. WSC had radar 1, S7 had radar 2. After seizing and destroying the radar positions our mission was to link back up with WSC and take out a hostile HVT. (High Valued Target). There was lots of enemy armor, air, and infantry groups. Luckily with WSC's Air Group and Sierra 1 all armor were eliminated quickly. Minor causalities. Both sections performed great. Avenger 1-1 was shot down by an enemy MI-8 in the opening part of the operation and minor infantry causalities were obtained, but all objectives in the end were completed. S7 Command did great with commanding each S7 group and communicating with WCS. S7 1st Group properly performed necessary formations and bounding. S7 2nd Group was great with the support of named duded as the marksman, key eyeing precious information with his long range rifle. S7 Third Group took minor causalities pushed on with the rest of S7 and kicked ass! S7 Aviation (Sierra 1), did great with communicating and supporting WCS's Air Group. Sierra 1 was able to support S7 personally at the same time, with supporting WCS. Multiple "re-deployment" LZs were given to Sierra 1 and performed properly along with multiple CAS. Sierra 1 as well took minor infantry fire and an AA missile but with correct S7 training Sierra 1 was able to maneuver away and take out those enemy infantry and AA. All in all S7 along with WCS did great together and hopefully we will sort out any operation together with them, in the future.

You can find a video of the operation, recorded in S7 Peterson's perspective below:

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