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Joint Operation Darbang Pass

-Joint Operation Darbang Pass-

More information below *MODS REQUIRED*

August 6th. Section 7 will be taking part in an Joint Operation with OGC, 71st, Viking, and JTF2. The mission is to clear Insurgent Forces in the town of Kakaru, as well as Insurgent Forces in the "Darbang Pass". While clearing enemies in the area our mission as well is to search for any unknown or enemy caches. If any squads find caches our mission is to destroy them. For more information about the mission you can read below. Please note during operation Kakaru must be secured by friendly forces before moving into the Darbang Pass!


6x Unarmed Humvees

2x Armed Humvees

2x Static M2 MGs

1x Mortar Tube w/ Limited Ammo

Server Information Below As Well As Operation Map

Server info : IP

Password : accuracy

Can be searched by filtering ‘[JTF2]’

TS info :

REQUIRED mods to join the server:


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