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Big changes on the horizon.

As S7 enters our winter slump we are going to be taking on more challenges this year then ever before. Every summer our group reaches a capacity of 40 members and until this year we have been content with this manageable amount of people. But going into this next year we are driving a new recruitment effort during the winter that will push into the summer to bring our new capacity to around 80 personnel. The plan as it stands is to try to reach capacity by the end of winter. from there we will move all additional personnel into a tertiary 4th group. this group will last until it is full from there we intend to fill the newly made positions and when 4th group is at capacity we will be moving into our second phase. S7 will split into two sections with 3 groups each. these sections will be platoon sized elements and will consist of 3 SOC'S 9 SO'S and 27 OP/JP'S.

We expect several new changes to our SOP's/play style. but i give you my full assurance that this will not infringe on our Relaxed style of play. This WILL NOT turn into one of those crazy ass mill sim groups. We will continue to deliver a fun and Tactical experience with out all the B,S.

That being said we are also introducing a second weekly game night. this on isn't a mainstream event and we arnt tracking attendance. So no one will give a fuck if your not going to show up. all long as there are 4 participants the games will happen. Sat @7 EST every week will be special OP's.

We are going to be revising S7IT in order to give new players a more comprehensive idea of what to expect during an op, what to look for, what to do with your hands etc.

Anyway if you have managed to read this far this is the one thing I need from everyone. Be ready to help build this place. S7 has been going for damn near 4 years. what makes this place great is our people. and unfortunately for every solid guy we have we went through 50 idiots to find them. engage with our new guys and if your new engage with S7. My vision is to see 80 fucking solid guys who are ready to kill shit in Arma and we love having them on all the time. [/rant]


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