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Weekly Recap

So this weekend started off with a funny start in Friday Night Fight. "An enemy snuck into our ranks during a night mission and killed a couple of our guys, said [OP] Grounder"

On Saturday's mission we had [OP] Coodles as mission maker for the first time. The first mission was a little challenging, but in the end we completed the mission. The second mission however began with a TL dying, "but the team pulled itself together and carried on with the mission, said [OP] Starleg"It was a base assault and a hostage rescue mission on Cherno that the groups split up to accomplish. Oh and a Mi-8 got shot down by an AT-4.

Now Sunday the super tactical shit went down. All teams used their tactics flawlessly. With help from Sierra the teams had to leapfrog the river on Bystrica looking for a Blue covered Ural. Peterson tried a new type of mission where we collected intel that led us to the next piece of the puzzle that everyone seemed to welcome with open arms."The highlight of the night was when Grounder killed an SU-25 with an AH-6 Little bird, said [OP] Torres" .

That's all I got this week, now go KILL SHIT!

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