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Weekly Recap

Friday Night Fight was pretty cool this week. The best mission was the joint effort between Blufor and Independents. Blufor was assigned the task of getting the Independent faction out of the A.O. without Opfor killing them.

Saturday's Op was cancelled.

Sunday our objective was to sneak into enemy territory with Russian gear and kill a Russian General or some shit on Balota Airstrip, but all the commies are the same so it doesn't matter. The mission was successful but it was rocky most of the way through. The biggest event of the night was Grounder getting shot down. I know, I know, You didn't think it was possible and I didn't either, but it happened.

Long live the legend! In loving memory of Grounder (The day he joined - 2/19/17)

That's all I got this week now go KILL SHIT!

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