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Weekly Recap

First of all welcome to all the new JP's. Grounder has been killing it with recruiting.

Friday Night Fight started off pretty sloppy due to the amount of JP's we had who previously never did it before. We ended up doing some training on our server that cleared a lot of the issues up.

Saturday was stellar! Guru showed up for a bit, but the whole thing was basically conducted by OP's and Krazybee who was the only S.O. there. The JP's did excellent in using their training and tactics to complete the mission. There were a few hiccups, but other than that it was great.

Sunday was a big night with a lot of guys being there. It got cut short due to decisions made by some team leaders that drew out the mission. They were supposed to assault a castle on Cherno, but after they cleared it they just kind of sat there and didn't move to the next objective.

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