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Road map for the upcoming months

Alright gents check it

. There is a lot of big changes on the horizon and we have some big goals.

So starting off we are still on the road to company operations. this will feature 2 platoons of 3 groups and a doubled aviation element. We will possibly include a recon/support section, a mounted heavy weapons section and ISR. These changes will provide more options and variety during our operations. I know this looks like a lot of moving and pieces and it is. but we have created a structured plan over the next 3 months that will minimize our group level training. Our end game structure will be company operations that do not mandate a huge amount of training and is sustainable without frequent Unit Requals.

Lets start off with the next month 22MAY2017-15JUNE2017 Phase 1 GROUNDWORK

We are going to work on filling the remaining slots in the roster and filling all SO positions. this will provide us with a base for our PLT level training. During this time we can focus on our fire-teams.

We will do our best to help mentor new leaders/prospective leaders to succeed. solid fire-team tactics are the base for any arma experience, everything else is background shit. There will be one Training operation during this phase - FIRE-TEAM FOCUS-TBD


Phase 2 were gonna hit the ground running with squad level tactics. this will be a brief overview of battle drills, sectors of fire, maneuver and communication. there will be a heavy focus on leadership during this phase. During this phase we will continue to refine and improve our plt framework. The main goals here are to create competent squads and leaders. during this phase we will also begin identifying Promotable SO's to fill the new 3 positions and replace the SOC's that are moving on to PLT leadership. along with SOC/SO Promotions we will be preparing to add and additional 9 SO positions. there a few training events during this phase. SQUAD FOCUS TBD, MAP DRILL 1&2 (SOC AND UP) AND PLATOON FOCUS(Towards the end of the phase).


This phase begins with the big split. at this point we have put a great deal of work into perfecting the plt and we are ready to make 2 of the bitches, 1st groups charlie and 2nd Groups charlie will combine to create the new group 2-1, 3rd and 4th's respective charlies will create 2-2, and the remaining alpha and bravo of 4th Group will be the new 2-3. the weeks after this change will be recovery. we will work to fill all 6 now empty charlie teams. a total of 25 personnel. while we do this there will be some big training events starting over with fire-team focus, squad focus, plt focus and finally Company focus. after we have solidified Company operations we will begin the training/testing for the newly planned auxiliary units(Recon/Heavy weapons) and maybe maayyyyybbbeee incorporate fixed wing CAS. there are a lot of moving fucking parts in this so don't get disapointed if any of these new groups get nixed.

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