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Weekly Recap

Friday Night Fight went well. No leadership came, so it was a rag tag team of O.P.'s and J.P.'s for the first round.

Saturday we had the Section 7 Grand Prix on Altis before the OP. We had to drive from Sofia to Kavala on the MSR. Irish a lot. The OP was on Zargabad and it was a convoy mission to capture two V.I.P.'s and bring them to a NATO Villa.

Sunday's OP was on Clafghan and it was high altitudes and over ran F.O.B.'s for the guys. Our primary LZ was in a supposedly friendly F.O.B. Long story short we took small arms fire and our guys had to hike uphill for a klick. It was still a blast with Peterson spliting up the groups to tackle their own objectives and focus on their squad tactics.

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