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November and going forward

Alright well first to start off i want to thank everyone for coming out to play week after week. We try to make this as fun as possible and i think we have a great mix of being tactical and not taking our selves to seriously. I have a few shutouts for Klienpo and Named_Dude for working to clear up our company net clutter. We hope to role out a new commo system that will ensure the net is clear and support is as lethal as can be.

We have made a huge change in S7 this last week, we are now operating with 6 total squads 3 per platoon. leading up 1-3 will be Zero and leading 2-3 will be Strelok. I wish you guys the best of luck as you create new squads from damn near scratch. but that brings me to my next point these next few weeks are going to be a little rough. We are short over 30 personal on the roster and i intend to fill those slots as soon as possible. That means new guys, new guys, new guys.

Do not be scared if the next few game nights are a little rough. If you've been here a little while you know it gets better and if your new i promise that it will. We are going to need EVERYONE to help get through this transition

So without further ado here's the plan gents

all the way till mid-late November we will be recruiting HARD. We can always use help in this department so if you want to help, have a buddy, like running Zeus GO RECRUIT. I've made a goal to my self to average 2 guys a day. so if anyone else is willing to help we will be done even faster During this time we will also be putting a heavy focus on getting Operations Section set up. I want to be able to give you guys engaging missions, campaigns and maybe even a little bit of persistence for game nights. Lastly we are going to cease our joint operations with other communitys for the time being. This is so we can work on us and make sure we are the shit.

Post recruitment- After the recruitment push we are going to be doing squad development. i'm going to meet with the company and platoon leadership and we will work out a qualification for the squads. this will be a short assessment/audit into the squads to make sure that everyone here is getting the experience that S7 tries to deliver. I have noticed Platoon maneuver has taken a hit since we first made the company split. So in order to fix that and avoid Platoon scale cluster fucks we are going to review our current SOP, change it, test it, and roll it out. i don't want to organize any sort of platoon qualification/Mandated training due to the fact that it would have to happen on a game night and that's pretty fucking gay.... so pushing on.

To finish it all before i leave for the desert were going to host a best squad competition. Every day i hear this squad is awesome and we are soooo much better then those guys. So lets settle it. Who is the best squad in Section 7? once we have our numbers where we need them we will see



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