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Section 7 Strikes Back!

North Korea has begun the war that no one wanted. Seoul had already fallen and Bucheon was next on the menu. Section 7 was called to perform a high risk operation to recover an US Ambassador and other VIPs in front of an invading North Korean Army. Great job to everyone who participated yesterday. We have finally reached the half way point in our story. The next two weeks are sure to be the most action packed with a lot at stake. Stay Frosty!

Note: the next map is Winter Chernarus. On the TeamSpeak, go to the Current Operation Detail channel and instructions on how to get the map from Armaholic are located there.

Torres with support from the Operations Team is working hard on the next campaign set to start May 27th. With a decent amount of work done, the Operations Team is excited to show it off.

Spartan 2-1's SOC Vader has also created a trailer for the current campaign. Take a look!

Section 7 is an Arma Unit who creates operations for entertainment purposes and don't reflect current events. Campaigns are designed to be believable to improve the overall quality and not to disrespect real world figures, places or countries.

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