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Operation Falcon is here!

We have come to the end of another month here at Section 7. I wanted to give you guys some updates on various things.

The Operations Team is still ironing our kinks in the workflow. Bare with us as we improve. As a short introduction to the Operations Team, we are a small council-like team where they oversee everything that occurs during any operation. If your interested in being a Zeus, let any Operations Team member know and they will get you the information you need.

If you have ideas for content that you would like to be published to the website, please let Sneaky Sniper know. Pictures, videos, short stories, etc. are all welcome.

Operation Black Tomb has come to a close. The Operations Team hopes that you enjoyed the campaign as much as we enjoyed administrating it. CSO Torres and the Operations Team has been hard at work preparing for the next campaign.

The Operation Falcon Mission Tracker is up for you to view. Operation Falcon is upon us!

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