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Christmas Carnage and a Happy New Year (12/24-12/31/2023)

For the last two operations 2023, Section 7 embraces the holiday spirit. On the eve, Section 7 undertook Operation Northern Lights, going up against Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and his company of Battalion of 150 body doubles and swarms of decoy sleighs and reindeer. Landing at a remote Soviet airfield, the AO was obviously chock full of old Soviet-era anti-air missiles and artillery equipment. With this wonderful gift, Section 7 had a real turkey shoot for Christmas Eve!

Gamemaster: CSO Pitrucha

Media sourced by: OP KTB, OP Alpha, OP Bucksey, SOC Kaboom, PSO SekiGamer,

The Swarm

For New Year's Eve, Section 7 goes back to the usual flavor of game nights. This time clearing 3 passages through 3 different fields of mine/wire obstacles.


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