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Completion of Operation Osprey

On Sunday evening, 19:00 local time, Section 7 forces infiltrated into Leskovets on request of the CIA. The CIA requested a high value target (HVT) be eliminated, with positive-ID. The HVT was Sinaola Gomez, a cartel leader on the UN's worldwide death warrant list. The HVT was heavily armed and was guarded by a battalion of cartel syndicate. This included light armor, such as Soviet-era BTR APCs. The cartel leader also came into possession of a Russian Federation Ka-52 and a Ka-60. Once Sinaola Gomez became aware of S7's presence in the area, he attempted to flea via a Ka-60. The Ka-60 was destroyed via an airstrike organized by Section 7. The operation resulted in a success, with positive ID on the cartel leader's body.


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