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ARE WE THE BADDIES (09/17/2023)

Finding themselves in the Republic of Chernarus, Section 7 fights a three-sided battle between the US Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation!

Against the US, Section 7 initiated an air assault near the town of Bukovina and it's airfield with the objective of destroying a company garrison located there and seizing its air assets, as well as neutralizing a heavy SAM presence in the AO. Following that, Spartan 2 landed at the Devil's Castle and faced heavy resistance at LZ ZULU.

Now moving into the Russian AO, Spartan 2 cleared through Krasnostav and the airstrip just east of it, and went head to head with a contingent of Russian Airborne forces. Spartan 1 assaults Black Mountain, with both platoons ultimately converging onto the coastal town of Berezino.

Gamemaster: SOC Bryce

Media sourced by: OP hawkward, and OP James

A flight of blackhawks landing at LZ NORTH for the first objective

A CH47 brought down after taking HMG fire

Dustoff 1 extracting Spartan 2 from the Devil's Castle

OP Izaak takes aim

Going toe to toe with the VDV

OP James charging a field towards the enemy

OP xLAKERx administers treatment to SO Snow

AO map, total

AO Map, US

AO Map, RU

Written, edited by OP hawkward

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