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French or Foe (06/23/2024)

Section 7 takes to the Swedish island of Virolahti, where the company is hired for the typical task of taking over an island - this time, against another PMC backed by the French government. Landing from the southeast end of the island, Section 7 makes steady progress as it eliminated OPFOR garrisons and and fire support units.

Gamemaster: OP Tocqueville

Media sourced by: OP hawkward

Dustoff 2 and Spartan 5 ingress towards Spartan 2 for exfil

Spartan 1 heads into the AO as the LZ is sanitized by ODIN

SOC Kaboom delivers a briefing of the operation

AO Map

Written, edited by OP hawkward

Videos from the game night

OP hawkward (HQ)

OP Tocqueville (Zeus, Spartan 2-2)

SOC Cas (Spartan 1-1)

PSO SekiGamer (HQ)


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