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Section 7 : Summer roadmap/recent changes

To begin I want to say I appreciate all the hard work done by everyone that makes all this possible. We are lucky enough to have all the talent, commitment and drive to run one of the best karma 3 communities out there.

Over the last year (Fall-Winter) we've tried new things. Some have stuck such as our OPs team and some have failed cough cough... mortars...

But even through we didn't come out of the winter with as high of a population as I might have wanted I still think the group has grown in different ways.

A big change that were pushing forward now will be a policy of being relieved. Now this dosnt mean that everyone is gonna be fired or were gonna start cutting squads. What it means is that when a Squad leader isn't yielding results he will be asked to step down. Now I know that sounds harsh, but i do not want people to think that being relieved will affect you in the future. You will be re eligible for promotion after 30 days and when a position becomes available. This is meant to foster results and to ensure we have our best people in our most important positions.

Now on to our roadmap

First i want to talk about expansion and growth.

This month we changed our allotted squad size from 16 to 13 to make it easier for us to create the small communities that we are trying for. With that we will be adding a 4th squad to each PLT to ensure we have 3 9 man squads during gamenight.

Phase 1

1-2 months

Stand up 1-3,1-4, and 2-4

Phase 2

Stand up Fister section

Phase 3

Reevaluate the feasibility of 3rd PLT

Now on the large scale that's all we have for goals. For all of these things to succeed we still need to be on our shit with all the shit that this shit requires.

Lastly I wanna talk about the revised audit system. Now I created the audit because I personally want to hear from every single on of you. Unfortunately our current methode of interviews dosnt provide deep enough feedback. So we created a new form. This questionnaire will open up every month on the 3rd Sunday of the month. I highly encourage you all to write in good honest feedback.

Anyways that's all I got

Leys kill shit



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