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A Spec Ops Side Op (12/05/2023)

Yesterday evening, a small group of Section 7 operatives took to the jungles of Colombia on a hostage rescue mission to rescue several geologists and regain control of the regional mining facility.

The National Liberation Army (ELN) had taken these hostages for ransom and sought to destroy key mining infrastructure in the country. ELN positions were heavily fortified with armor assets and 57mm autocannons.

Section 7 however never backs down from a chance to commit massive violence on its enemies, and 14 operators - including an air stack - decided to participate in the action.

Gamemaster: OP Belis

Media sourced by: OP Belis

A team inserts via an MH-6M helicopter

An operator fires an RPG-7 at an ELN tank

A team clears through an ELN compound

Operators make entry on the hostage building

Written, edited by OP hawkward


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