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Your Benevolent Benefactors (02/04/2024)

A new month - a new map! Section 7 has added a few new maps to the rotation, starting with the terrain of Kujari. This game night saw the company operate in an unconventional way; on the northeastern airfield, a humanitarian shipment of food and medical supplies was intercepted and stolen, with the C-130s it came aboard disabled by African militia forces (a custom faction created by our very own CSO Pitrucha).

Section 7's mission was to retake the airfield and the shipment, and distribute said supplies to the northern towns of Kujari. To achieve this logistical feat, each squad in the two platoons had to be dispatched individually - accompanied by a transport and a CAS helicopter - to each of the 6 towns in turn. The squads held their towns against motorized OPFOR attempting to flood into the town until the townsfolk were all given what they were originally owed.

Gamemaster: CSO Pitrucha

Media sourced by: OP hawkward, SOC Kaboom, OP Swiss, SO John Brown

No tolerance for thieves!

AH-6s and MH-60M DAPs suppress an OPFOR attack at the east side of the airfield runway

A logistics helicopter returning to the airfield

Dustoff 3 airdropping a pallet of food for Spartan 1

AO Maps: northern towns and southern OPFOR objectives, respectively

Written, edited by OP hawkward

Videos from the game night

OP hawkward (HQ)

SOC Cas (Spartan 1)

OP Swiss (HQ)

Direct impact on two OPFOR


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