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Retrospective: Return to Virolahti (02/18/2024)

Today, we take a look back at one operation hosted by SOC Cas of Spartan 1, where we make a long-waited return to the terrain of Virolahti! Navigating through dense conifer forests and quaint Finnish towns, Section 7 zips between objectives - running the gamut from VIP extraction to demolition.

Gamemaster: SOC Cas

Media sourced by: OP hawkward, SOC Kaboom

Squads and fireteams unload from MH-6 helicopters

Odin Actual on station for Spartan 1

SOC Kaboom prepares to cross a street with a squad from Spartan 1

Spartan 1-1 makes a daring helicopter assault in a hellfire of grenades and small arms

A fireteam of Spartan 2 engaging OPFOR

AO Maps

Written, edited by OP hawkward

Game night videos

OP hawkward (HQ)

OP Swiss (HQ)

"he found out"



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