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Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight (10/08/2023)

Section 7's not done with Colombia just yet! This time, the company goes back to rescue VIPs squirreled away in the vast city of San Antero - the map's largest continuous urban area. Section 7's general objective was to liberate this city from gang control and recover compromised US assets, including local officials and embassy personnel.

Section 7 heroically dived right in, taking immediate and heavy contact in the heart of San Antero at LZ STRIKE. In this mad minute, entire squads were cut down while one of the Chinooks carrying a third of the assault force was destroyed by enemy fire shortly after dismounting.

After regrouping and mustering its forces, the platoons then proceeded to go block to block in search of the VIPs scattered through key buildings, fighting through every road and every alley way. Upon recovery, Spartan 1 and Spartan 2 then rendezvoused to leave the city for good. In the aftermath, Section 7 inflicted no less than 1000 casualties against the OPFOR in the city

Gamemaster: SO Tocqueville

Media sourced by: OP Bucksey, TO SJ529, SOC Cas

An enemy technical rolls up on a fireteam of Spartan 1

Final destination: LZ STRIKE

Section 7 performs a "tactical" withdrawal through the streets after heavy fire

Recovered VIPs held at FARP Nyquil

Civilian mass grave at the cemetery of San Antero

Enemy sniper being forcefully evicted by close air support

Summary of objectives and missions

Decluttered overview of key buildings within San Antero

POVs of the game night

OP Bucksey (Spartan 1)

CSO SekiGamer (HQ)

TO Finta (Spartan 2)


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