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Chaos in Colombia (10/01/2023)

On the first of October, Section 7 returns to the map of Colombia after two months! This time, a Typhoon device is found hidden deep in the jungles, and the Venezuelan government has called on a Russian naval task force to investigate and secure the device. In light of this discovery, Section 7 is tasked to get to it before they can.

The company fights the AFRF supported by a contingent of Venezuelan regulars. The Russian forces include two infantry companies with attached air defense, tube artillery, air support, and a mechanized unit. Finally, a Russian frigate docked at the northern island of Castillo la Victoria. In other words, a normal day around here!

Using dedicated air mobility and employment of an integrated mortar team, Section 7 was successful in securing and seizing a a Typhoon device before OPFOR could, and destroying the Russian frigate and neutralizing the OPFOR in the AO.

Gamemaster: OP M Belis

Media sourced by: OP hawkward, OP Belis, SO Ajax Potter (AO Map), OP Bucksey

Section 7 gathers at OBJ Wine Mixer and prepares for a hasty extraction

The Dustoffs make for the initial air assault

The company departs the helos and gets to work!

Section 7 rides into battle

The formation returns to base

Dustoff 1 completes a resupply mission for Spartan 2

Spartan 1-1 moves approaching a building at OBJ Open Bar

Spartan 1 runs for the Chinooks

Dustoff pilots OP hawkward and SO Kaboom inspect the Typhoon device at FARP Machete

The company extracts and prepares for the final objective

A cool picture

AO Map (frigate not included)

Written, edited by OP hawkward

POVs of the game night

OP Bucksey (HQ)

OP hawkward (HQ)


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