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Halloween Hell (10/29/2023)

A Happy Halloween from Section 7 and yours truly! This Sunday, the company had a Halloween-themed event, complete with units from Drongos Spooks and Anomalies, as well as WebKnight's Zombies and Creatures.

On Rosche, Section 7 prepares to fight a contingent of Russian airborne forces. However, upon reaching their initial objectives, they find OPFOR positions to be be strangely abandoned and undermanned. Shortly thereafter, we find out where the missing enemy went in the form of zombies, monsters, and anomalies!

Gamemaster(s): SO Tocqueville, DIR Torres

Media sourced by: OP hawkward, OP Bucksey, SOC Cas, OP Belis, XO GunZ_, SOC Kaboom, JP Alpha

Can you see it? It can see you.

Spartan 2 prepares to land at LZ FOXBAT

Section 7's final defense at OBJ Last Stand

Overview of OBJ Last Stand

Spartan 1-1 crossing a field in the dead of night

Dustoff Actual and Dustoff 2 conduct an air assault with Spartan 1

A platoon travels along a road

JP Alpha and his squad approach an abandoned Russian base

Written, edited by OP hawkward

Stay tuned for POVs of the event!


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