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Interdiction & Interception (12/17/2023)

Section 7 once again finds themselves the terrain of Lythium, where the company was tasked with the primary objective of establishing several bridgeheads across the Adrian River. Using mines, Section 7 was to interdict militant extremist forces flooding into the region from Kinduf Airbase and secure/destroy equipment and supplies ahead of a NATO counteroffensive. OPFOR reinforcements would continue to flood in until these bridges were mined

Since the withdrawal of NATO forces in the area, a battalion's worth of militants have moved into the AO and taken the southern Kinduf Airbase, accompanied with AAA and MANPADS teams and captured US armor.

Gamemaster: CSO Pitrucha, CSO Bandit

Media sourced by: OP hawkward

AO Map

Written, edited by OP hawkward

Videos and POVs

OP Toledo (HQ)

SOC Cas (Spartan 1)

OP hawkward (HQ)

PSO SekiGamer (HQ)


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