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PVP: Platoon v Platoon (09/24/2023)

This Sunday marked Section 7's first PVP event in more than a year! The two platoons - Spartans 1 and 2 - went head to head in three rounds of player vs. player combat. Spartan 1 numbered 25 members, while Spartan 2 numbered 21 members. Elements of the Headquarters platoon also supplemented the forces. BLUFOR was represented by RHS US Army, while OPFOR was represented by RHS AFRF.

In round 1, Spartan 2 played as OPFOR and was tasked with defending a town on Sahrani from a BLUFOR (Spartan 1) element pushing in. BLUFOR swept the round, winning with a 6-man lead after killing all OPFOR players.

Gamemaster: DIR Torres

Media sourced by: OP hawkward, SOC Cas

Spartan 1 flushing out the survivors of the defense

In round 2, the platoons switched sides and Spartan 2 (now BLUFOR) assaulted an ammunition depot held by OPFOR south of Bagango with the intention of destroying an ammo dump. Spartan 2 won the round - not only winning by a much larger lead in remaining players, but also in detonating the objective after BLUFOR began breaching the depot.

BLUFOR preparing to breach the compound

Partial map of the AO

Play of the game! OP Fespa kills 4 BLUFOR players with a single grenade

In the final round, BLUFOR/Spartan 1 and OPFOR/Spartan 2 raced towards a central urban town of Ratzlingen on the map of Roche, and were tasked with strongpointing it. Spartan 2 secured the eastern side in short order, as SO Tocqueville of Spartan 2-3B pushed into the western side on a suicide mission to probe for enemy positions. Spartan 1 then secured pockets in buildings on the western side, as the platoons dug in for a lengthy engagement. At the end, Spartan 1 just barely eked out a victory, winning a 3v3 and ending with just 2 of its original composition of 25 players.

Bringing a rocket to a gunfight

A BLUFOR player hides from a roving M2 Humvee

TO Mobius takes a shot at the Humvee

Spartan 2's last hope of victory

OP Ryan Mother Goose being taken out of the fight

Written, edited by OP hawkward

POVs of the game night:

OP Bucksey (HQ)

OP Belis (Spartan 2)

CSO Pitrucha (Spartan 1)

OP hawkward (HQ)

CSO SekiGamer (HQ)


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