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Snowy Side Op (12/22/2023)

On a cold winter day, a dozen men dropped into Chernarus in the middle of a fierce civil war between a radical insurgency and the Government of Chernarus to assassinate a top insurgent general.

Upon deploying their parachutes at low altitude to avoid detection, the Section 7 operatives traveled several kilometers to their objective, then rendezvoused with an embedded agent who informed them of the whereabouts of the HVT, before being executed himself shortly after the operatives had moved on. Upon reaching the objective, the operatives decisively killed the general, embroiling them into a final fight to survive with the main might of the insurgency bearing down upon them. After a pitched battle they escaped using captured vehicles and drove through the opposing lines, evading enemy helicopters and foot patrols with all operatives accounted for.

Gamemaster: OP HedlesRoland

Media sourced by: OP HedlesRoland

Written by OP HedlesRoland

Edited by OP hawkward

A fireteam maneuvers through the airbase

Two operatives prepare to infiltrate the airbase

Taking cover from an enemy technical

Two operatives conduct reconnaissance shortly after insertion

The squad preparing to ambush the HVT

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