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Weekly AR [2/28/2016]

Sunday Operations "Weekly AR" 2/28/2016

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In our Sunday Operations overall, S7 Teams did well. 1st Group, 2nd Group, and 3rd group commanded their team along with Sierra 1, killing along the enemy and succeeding in the objective!

Operation 1:

In this operation, our mission was to find the enemy stronghold, east of the Abdera. If there was intelligence, our mission was to secure it, and for the caches, if there was any, our job was to destroy them. With this, we also had the objective to find a military office building. Sierra 1 with 1st Group as QRF, 2nd group, and 3rd group, were tasked to find the military office building and clear the area around it. Sierra 1 along with the help of 1st group, scouted the northern part of the area of operations. Eventually finding an 20+ man fortified base. With bunkers, sandbags, and of course, the office building. Sierra 1 and 1st group called in the enemy location to Misfit 6. While this was happening 3rd group lost communication, yet later got communications with MIsfit 6, and 2nd group took medium contact, and called in a QRF, which later then, 1st group landed via Sierra 1 Huey, and supported 2nd group. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Sierra 1, linked up and took charge of the city of Ifestonia. After that was cleared, they moved to the north east, to attack the fortified base. 1st, 2nd and 3rd, assaulted the fortified base, along with Sierra 1 CAS (Close Air Support), and succesfully defeated the enemy, and found the intel. Still recieving contact, Sierra 1 succesfully landed and picked up 1st, 2nd, and 3rd later almost crashing at base by a possessed rope.

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